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Aspen Ute Foundation

The Aspen Ute Foundation was started by Deanne Vitrac-Kessler in March 2005 under the guidance of Northern Ute Elder Loya Cesspouch of Fort Duchesne

In winter 2006, James Quoetone, a Paiute member, joined Deanne in officially creating the Aspen Ute Foundation.

Fall 2009, James Quoetone moved away and was replaced by Skyler Lomahaftewa, a Northern Ute member also the Bear Dance Chief Drummer of Rondelette, Utah.

January 2010, AUF has been incorporated as a 501-C3 under the umbrella of the Davi Nikent non-profit organization.

Every year since, there has been several visits to Aspen area by Northern Utes sponsored by AUF during winter seasons. AUF provides lodging, lift tickets and ski/snowboard rentals as well as cash money to help transportation and food cost. The Utes usually perform traditional dancing and drumming as well as Blessing Prayers for Aspen area and its local Community.

AUF has evolved over the years from facilitating the reconnection of a limited group of Northern Utes with their ancestral lands here in Aspen area, to a broader array of Native Americans. Its mission is to promote Native American tradition and spiritual knowledge in Aspen area with an emphasis on Northern Utes.


AUF is very honored to have Northern Ute former Chairman, Roland McCook or Chief Ah-Tave, Great-great-grandson of Chief Ouray and wife Chipetta, as the Head of Aspen Ute Foundation. (Biography)


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